dorkbotsheffield #3

… get ready for a MEGADORK.

When: 6:30pm, Friday 23rd March, 2012
Where: Showroom Cinema, Sheffield (Half a minute’s walk from Sheffield train station)
Within: Lovebytes: Digital Spring – a festival of art, science and technology
Door tax:  £5/4, tickets now available from showroom
Antisocial: Facebook, twitter, lanyrd

Presentations and performances:

A cabaret of performances and talks from among the UK’s (and Catalunya’s) dorkiest, to entertain and amaze:

Paul Granjon – Paul Granjon will present a mix of thoughts on humans and machines and a selection of robots, including good old Mofo the little humanoid and some crude EEG human robot communication.

Patrick Tresset – talking about his drawing robot called Paul
(on show at the Intuition and Ingenuity exhibition in Lovebytes)

Daniel Jones and James Bulley – talking and demoing their new Maelstrom installation

Sarah and Jenny Angliss – playing robot Spacedog music from past futures

Sergi Jorda – talking about the Reactable tangible tabletop music playground
(which you’ll be able to try out at Lovebytes)

Dan Stowell – Demonstrates his use of the Risset illusion in techno music

Silicone Bake – Live coded pop songs about love, death and counterfeit watches, where all lyrics are taken from spam emails.

Dorkbotsheffield #2

This was our second dorkbotsheffield event, and everything was 
in a fixed width font for some reason.
Dorkbotsheffield#2 featured four strange dorkbot presentations 
involving electricity in some way, in particular:

 -> IAIN SHARP talking about his legendary arcade machines including
    CYCLEPONG and his mechanical remake of LUNAR LANDER

 -> JO ARMITAGE showing her HANDMADE MUSIC INTERFACES, in particular
    a neat touchscreen arduino hack and a melodica style app.

 -> BEN DORNAN talking about his experiments in MIND CONTROLLED
    MUSIC, which may require some explanation.  Luckily, he sent this

    "While it may not be the most obvious pairing, for over 50 years
    composers and scientists have been probing how the brain can be
    used to create and manipulate music. Over time this has developed
    from simple sonification to complex control systems, and has
    moved from the lab into the home thanks to consumer grade EEG
    technology. An outline of this progress will be traced, along
    with a demonstration of how accessible the technology and
    techniques have become."

 -> JAKE HARRIES will be walking round the corner from his base in
    Access Space to talk about the ZERO DOLLAR LAPTOP project.
    Here's some info from Jake:

    "Zero Dollar Laptop Workshops have been running in London since
    January 2010, the first project was with St Mungos Charity for
    the Homeless in London. We recycle computer hardware and install
    Free and Open Source Software to build media laptops and create
    music, graphics and video for distribution over the Internet."

Dorkbotsheffield #1

This was our first dorkbot, it happened at Access Space on Thursday 9th June 2011, and here were our founder dorks :