Dorkbotsheffield #7

When: 7-9pm(ish), April 24th 2013
Where: Access Space [map]  (5 mins walk from Sheffield train station)

Plus! An exciting paper-based auction! Have a look between talks, and up the bids. All to help launch an urgent Access Space fundraising drive. If you’ve got some interesting bit of kit you have lying around, why not bring it along and add it to the auction? Pledged so far:

For those new to the international phenomena Dorkbot, each meeting consists of around 3 presentations by “people doing strange things with electricity” – a purposefully loose definition for what you might call electronic or digital art. People come to dorkbot because they’re an engineer who wants to be an artist, or an artist who wants to be an engineer, are something in between, or otherwise interested. It’s free entry and beer is always available.

Raspberry Jam is also the same time and night as dorkbotsheffield this month, so we’re having an informal hangout together. They’re just down the road, upstairs in the Workstation (conference room 2), and will be doing various experiments with the Raspberry Pi, including with sensors, motors, steppers and servos. This is a bit of an experiment – we’re not sure exactly how this will work – but but feel free to move between the two events, and we will all end up in the same pub at the end.

Be sure to let us know if you would like to present something at a future dorkbot!