Dorkbot is a meeting of people interested in electric/electronic art in the broadest sense; robotics, kinetic art, microcontrollers, interactive art, algorithmic music, net.art… The only real conditions are that it is a bit strange and involves electricity in some way. It is really defined by whoever turns up, be it engineers who want to be artists, or artists who want to be engineers, or the otherwise confused.

Dorkbotsheffield is a relaxed event, centring around three or four talks on diverse topics.

Dorkbot started in New York, spread to London, and now dozens of cities around the world including several UK chapters; BristolAngliaNewcastleCardiff and Alba(Scotland), as well as Sheffield. (Many have fallen into slumber over the years..)

There’s a lot of great dorky activities already happening in Sheffield, for this reason dorkbotsheffield is just an occasional event.

Get involved! If you’re doing something strange with electricity, please get in contact. For those who are that way inclined, there’s also a facebook page and a twitter feed.

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