dorkbotsheffield #4


Coming up, the fourth installment of dorkbotsheffield!

Dorkbot is an evening of informal talks/demos for people doing strange things with electricity.  [more info]

Time: 6:30pm, Thursday 10th May 2012
Place: GIST Lab
Door tax: Free, but please register or we might not get enough beer in

This time dorkbot surfaces in the GIST Lab, a couple of minutes away from the train station.  It’ll be the usual format, some people presenting the strange things that they have done with electricity.

Featuring the bright and breezy:

  • Kate Sicchio works at the interface of dance and technology. She will present her work on video tracking systems and choreography and her new project on ‘hacking’ choreography.
  • Aaron Ibbotson will deliver the Young Hitckhiker’s Guide to the Self-Replicating Machine Odyssey
  • Simon Blackmore of the Owl Project will talk about recent work involving wood and electricity.
  • Duncan Rowland will present “Pure Flow”, a collaboration with Katy Connor that generates live, moving imagery and sound from the satellite data flows in the Global Positioning System

GIST host all manner of other activities of interest to dorks, including Open Lab, their monthly hackers/makers/tinkerers workshop.

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